Portage locations are accurate!

Each portage has recently been walked with a GPS.

Portage lengths in either miles or kilometers.

Printed and GPS maps are available with portages lengths in kilometers or miles, whichever you prefer.

Updated Annually!

Maps are updated annually to ensure portage trail accuracy. Map users are encourages to reported any changes or updates on portage conditions.

Standard and Custom Sizes Available.

Maps can be printed at the standard scale and dimensions of McKenzie or Fisher maps, or you can choose a custom area and scale for your printed map.   Custom sizes as large as 39" x 39". Custom Size

High Quality!

  • Tear‑Resistant
  • Water‑Resistant
  • UV‑Resistant

Maps used for canoeing get damp, they get exposed to direct sunlight and they get folded many times. That's why QTM maps are printed on high‑quality paper which is tear‑resistant and water‑resistant. Maps are printed with UV‑resistant inks to prevent fading when exposed to sunlight.


M‑Series – Scale and Area Simlar to MacKenzie maps

Maps are 25" x 30" at a scale of 1:31,680 (approximately 2" = 1 mile) and cover an area approximately 144 square miles. Each map in this series covers the same area as a corresponding MacKenzie map.

F‑Series – Scale and Area Simlar to Fisher maps

Maps are 22-1/2″ x 28-1/2″ at a scale of 1-1/2″ = 1 mile. Each map in this series covers the same area as a corresponding Fisher map.

Custom Size and Area

Custom Size ????????????????

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